I am Louise McMorran, I am a Digital Photography Graduate from London Southbank University. I have been passionate about photography for the past 5 years and over that time I have developed a great number of skills within my photographic style and this is demonstrated within my portfolio.

My projects consist of  varied themes and methods of research.
Mixing current issues, such as representation of society to defining objects. Within my work I attempt to carry my personal slant throughout my projects even though they may not be immediately consistent.
I try to intertextualise research for projects as I believe it broadens the parameters of my creative mindset.
I set out to express the concept of the  images through consice composition. I see the obscure and the unsightly as a window of oppertunity to exploit the flaws in society and urban decay in todays world. I attempt to sublinimally raise the issues of todays throw away society and the underlining implications of our actions. This thought is demonstrated in my photographic project entitled abandonment.