As part of my second year at London Southbank University i was requires to complete a work placement, for my placement i found myself an internship at, a high fashion website with 6 london boutiques.


Photo Editing

During my placement, Question-air organised a photoshoot to take place at Hotel Verta in Battersea, unfortunatly I was unable to attend the photoshoot due to having uni, however I was given the oppertunity to edit some of the photographs from the photoshoot.

I was asked to correct slight colour casts, airbrush blemishes from the models and remove unsightly objects from the photos. I believe that I used my best skills for this task which resulted in high quality images.



In the 5th week of my placement i was set the task of researching ideas and completeing my own photoshoot for a spring mail-out about the    companies new designer wedge sandals. After researching visual merchandising, photographic display for websites and spring trends, I came up with the idea of placing the sandals on sand to create a beach vibe. Using the in-house studio I created a still life table by covering the table with the white paper background, then I poured the sand onto the table to create the beach look, I set up the lighting to create an even light then placed the shoes in a creative yet visually clear way and began shooting.

Once I had completed the shoot, I completed the images by editing a blue sky background into the images and adjusting the final images.

This was one of the highlights of the placement as i felt i had earned the trust and confidence of the company and feel that I completed the images to a very high standard.

Another task I was set was to visit 4 of the 6 london boutiques and photograph the stores inside and outside for the question-air archive and to send to potential clients e.g. Ralph Lauren.


I was asked to visit the stores and take photographs of the senior members of staff, this was for a new section of the website entitled ‘Meet the Team’.


I was also responsible for creating blog posts of promotional material.